Short Courses

We run a one day course via UAL short courses to introduce students to a set of design strategies (The TEN) created by the Textile Environment Design (TED) research group. Using this practical resource tool we guide students through the complex terrain of sustainability and identify workable ideas for systemic change within the textile industry.

Students perform design tasks using worksheets, applying each of The TEN strategies to a real textile product in order to redesign and improve it. Before guiding students through each task, we share examples and case studies for each strategy.

Topics covered include:

  • Reducing waste and lifecycle thinking
  • Textile design for product manufacture, use and disposal
  • Reducing chemical, water and energy use through design
  • The potential of new technologies
  • How history, culture and ethical considerations can inform sustainable design
  • Designing to influence and support user behaviour and habits
  • Understanding barriers to change and finding design opportunities
  • Design Activism, communication, collaboration and mindset change

Course Outcomes

From this course you will have a better idea of which fabrics to choose, for what kind of product. You will know more about the ways to finish and surface textiles, and the impacts that come from each technique. You will know how to make a textile product in an ‘improved’ way – how cut, colour and style decisions can be guided by The TEN strategies. You will have experience of, and access to, the tools and worksheets that will help to continue to develop your thinking. You will have experienced the inner-workings of a University textile research centre, and be able to link academic texts to your own practice, knowing more about where this information can be found and how best to use it.

Who should attend

This course is essential for anyone studying or working in textiles and fashion textiles. Whether you are a student, practising designer or simply working within the fashion, interior, product or architectural industry. This course will give you the fundamental principles of sustainable design today, whilst showing you where the future is heading.

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