Circular Design Speeds 10 – 11/06/19, 10am–4pm

An exhibition of garments arranged by their circular speed.

Circular Design speeds: Exhibition view

Hosted at Stockholm Design District , CCD curated an exhibition to mark the end of the Mistra Future Fashion project. Displayed in order of their speed, garments included Filipa K's 'The Throwaway Dress' a 100% bio-based, 100% biodegradable concept dress, 'fast' paper products developed by UAL and Rise including the ' Pulp-it' dress and at the other end of the scale UAL's 50-year Service Shirt and Filippa K's commercially available 'Eternal Trenchcoat'

To underpin the final products, CCD also included material samples, process videos, research statistics and industry insights.

Circular Design Speeds: Pulp-It
Circular Design Speeds: Pulp-It Jacket, Paper Leather Jacket & Laser Line Mono T-shirt