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Circular Soirée with Kay Politowicz

07/07/21, 3.30–5pm

Textile Designer: A Work in Progress - reflections on designing and learning

A talk by Kay Politowicz - Professor Emeritus, Textile Design, UAL

I am struck by the many challenges facing textile designers who are about to move from education into professional practice. As designers, success will depend on your ability to be resilient and flexible in an atmosphere of constant change. In your practice as a textile designer, your understanding of materials and systems will make a positive contribution to sustainability, by producing innovative samples/prototypes, engage in collaborative ventures and in teams. There are parallels with developments in other design disciplines, in filmmaking and in fine art, where auteur and activist collaborations are long established.

Textile designers have the exciting possibility of self-expression within and beyond the demands of a commercial brief through speculative design, so your future contribution is in shaping sustainable products critical to culture. I aim to look at design thinking with you and explore the importance of context through contemporary development in textile research.

In my experience is as a designer, teacher and researcher, I am passionate about encouraging a talented new generation of textile designers to bring change to the existing system.

You can watch the recording of Kay's lecture below and download the transcription here.

A talk by Kay Politowicz - Professor Emeritus, Textile Design, UAL