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Circular Wool Symposium, online

15/06/22, 10am–12.30pm

All around the world, questions about why we are wasting wool fleeces have become burning issues. Literally. In a time of extreme climate crisis, we are not using our textile resources well, and this in particular seems like a design crime. But is it a actually a design problem? Or are we facing a systemic challenge that we all need to work together on? How can design research help? This online event aimed to explore the UK wool sector through the lens of current design research, by inviting people from across industry, academia and the public sector to share their approach and experiences. Our goal is to understand what role design research can play within creating a circular wool industry for the UK by 2050. This event was organised by Centre for Circular Design and World Circular Textiles Day 2050 in collaboration with Shemakes.

You can watch a recording of the event below.

Circular Wool UK, Symposium. 15 June 2022