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Disrupting Patterns


A showcase of circular garments from the Mistra Future Fashion project.

A cochineal paper dress and an intricately folded polyester collar were two of the beautiful exhibits at this showcase of circular garments resulting from the Mistra Future Fashion phase 2 research. The ‘super slow’ Service Shirt includes multiple use phases using clever technologies and services to repurpose the garment into three incarnations over a 50-year lifespan. At the other extreme, the Pulp-it dress is made from a soft fabric-like paper developed with cellulose scientists and coloured with natural dies, and poses the question why can’t we have fast fashion, if we can design garments for appropriate material cycles and circular systems. The work was shown alongside the commercial prototypes developed by Filippa K during their collaboration with CCD researchers. The accompanying symposium provided a forum for further discussion of the Centre’s innovative ideas for future fashion textiles.

Members of the CCD team and the Filippa K team standing in front of the 'Disrupting Patterns' exhibition