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Making Circles Exhibition


A showcase of the best Circular Design practice.

The 'Making Circles' exhibition accompanied the Circular Transitions conference with 25 international exhibitors representing the very best in current Circular Design practice.

Hosted by CCD and supported by Mistra Future Fashion, the exhibition was held at Chelsea College of Arts, Millbank, London. The work of the featured individuals, companies and organisations provides a wealth of tactile, aesthetic, functional and sensory ideas that cannot be captured through writing alone, but through making, and experiencing circular fashion textile design concepts. This adds much to our appreciation of the complexity, the strategic decision-making and the practical considerations of transitioning to a more circular industry and culture. The three conference themes – materials, models and mindsets – were explored through the exhibits which all offer the viewer a different perspective on designing for a more efficient and thoughtful use of resources. Download the exhibition brochure here

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