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Play with Purpose: Who Made My Uniform? - Talk by Rebecca Earley

27/01/21, 11am–12pm

How can designers use the school uniform as a vehicle to explore the habits, behaviours and attitudes to clothes and fashion, amongst the next generation of users and designers? 

Over the last six years Earley has delivered a number of small projects at primary schools in West London, which have all aimed to explore sustainability through materials and creativity. From paintballing and skateboarding with fabric inks on to lost property clothing, to asking the pupils to trace and map the airmiles the school cap covered, this talk will take a look at these educational projects, to find models for transforming the activities taking place in art and design rooms in our schools today. Earley will also look at how these playful approaches have impacted on her work with industry stakeholders and brands in Sweden, USA and China, where she has been using the The TEN cards and the Circular Speeding Tickets to generate new insights for how fashion textiles can be made fit for purpose for the circular and sustainable industry of the future.

Key words: Sustainable + Social = Circular Design; Material Systems; Production Models; Designer & User Mindsets; Design Thinking; Education; Business

This talk will be delivered online by invite only.

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