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Textile Toolbox Exhibition


A traveling exhibition marking the end of Mistra Future Fashion Phase 1.

Textile Toolbox was our project within the MISTRA Future Fashion research consortium which aimed to promote systemic and profitable change within the fashion industry through new design processes. The future of the textile and fashion industry relies on designers creating new, compelling visions for the way in which products are created, used and disposed of. Designers need to think radically about the materials that they are using and the form and purpose they are giving them. The work exhibited in this exhibition launched in 2014 at the end of MFF Phase 1, featured ten textile concepts relating to The TEN. Each concept offering a proposition for combined sustainable strategies and importantly, manifesting those proposals as physical artefacts. The exhibition travelled internationally during 2015 to Europe, New York and throughout the UK, and can still be seen via our MFF project web platform at

A women looking into a glass cabinet containing a garment.