There and Back Again III


There and Back Again is a online symposium hosted by the Centre for Circular Design engaging the research community at UAL and beyond around the theme of designing for a circular economy.

A woman holding a card saying 'yes'

This third edition of the event investigates the circular model itself in the context of the global environmental crisis.

The concept of circular economy has been criticised for catering to the current capitalist and consumerist status quo. With a planetary crisis on our hands, how can we reconcile the idea of circular design with the social climate justice agenda? This will be discussed through the different viewpoints of the many ‘circular economies’ and how they might work together to provide the tools for effective transitions to more sustainable futures. This event explores how perspectives across design, academia, industry and education converge with circularity.

The original 'live' plans for this event had to be postponed due to Coronavirus but we are thrilled that we can now offer you an online version.

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