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There & Back Again II


A series of workshops & talks exploring circular materials, models and mindsets.

5-7 March 2019

This was the second edition of the There and Back Again talk and workshop series which aims to engage the research community at UAL and beyond, around the theme of designing for a circular economy. Centre for Circular Design hosted 48 hours of talks and events across three days. Researchers and invited guest speakers talked about how design is changing to consider end of life impacts at the very beginning of the process; challenging the way we view waste, make materials and define products, services and systems.

Day 1, Tuesday 5th March, kicked off with design research presentations from across UAL and beyond. This showcased the newest ideas from three Masters students and PHD researchers Cathryn Anneka Hall and Laetitia Forst from the Centre for Circular Design, who interviewed guest speaker Lynn Wilson (Circular Economy Wardrobe) completing her PhD in Glasgow. The day finished with two workshop sessions.

Day 2, Wednesday 6th March, was a full schedule of talks from Circle Economy (Gwen Cunningham), ECAP (Ali Moore and Hannah Carter) and Innovation Management (Jamie Brassett). This was followed by a social discussion at a local pub with questions to our speakers..

Day 3, Thursday 7th March, started with ‘Circular Speeds’ workshop at 3pm to get participants thinking about the speed in which they use garments. The day ended with our keynote speakers Professor Becky Earley and Dr Kate Goldsworthy presenting ‘Making Disrupting Patterns’ - a journey of their work on Trash2Cash and Mistra Future Fashion projects.

You can see our full report on the event here.

Poster for 'There and Back Again' 5-7th March There & Back Again (2019)