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WCTD 2021

08/10/21, 2–4pm

Join us on Friday 8th October (2-4pm BST) for World Circular Textiles Day 2021, for a livestream to report, reflect and celebrate the accomplishments and challenges that have taken place this year in our aim to get to full circularirty by 2050.

Register for your spot for the event by clicking here.

The event will be broadcast live, with an exciting journey through this last year. Expect the following....

  • The year in. review: what's been happening, what have the founding signatories been up to, what are the significant steps forward and what are the common barriers?
  • Multimedia marvels in the form of stories, films and insights from this last year, framed by the three WCTD themes: raw materials, products and services and people.
  • Pledges and directives from the presenters and the audience, who will be invited to interact through social media challenges throughout the event.
  • Circular progress updates with outline the accomplishments, challenges and needs of the signatories across the entire circular system.

While we would love for you to join on the day, rest assured that a recording of the livestream will be uploaded to YouTube channel after the event itself.