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World Circular Textiles Day 2020


Co-founded by Cyndi Rhoades [Worn Again Technologies] with Becky Earley and Kate Goldsworthy, and Gwen Cunningham [Circle Economy], the inaugural World Circular Textiles Day explored a vision for Circular 2050

World Circular Textiles Day 2020 - Webinar

The founders and experts introduced the audience to a Full Circularity: a 2050 Retrospective, a provocation mapping out three phases to full circularity, and invited them to join in on populating and shaping an online living and breathing time capsule that acts as an evolving road map to circular textiles 2050. Recent Chelsea MA Textile Design graduate Sephora Camocotelo joined the panel line up to talk about her work on using end of rolls materials from luxury brands, to make clothes which consider diversity issues in the fashion and textile industry, referencing identity, family and cultural heritage.