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Circular Soirèe with Kate Wakeling

19/10/20, 11am–12pm

Track & Trace with Kate Wakeling

Kate Wakeling recently joined the CCD team in her role as Project Lead on the Business of Fashion Textiles and Technology Programme.  Previously she spent 12 years working with fashion retailers, brands and factories, to establish ethical trade and sustainability programmes. This is where her determination to bring about systemic change in the fashion industry was activated. In this talk Kate presented her journey so far right up to her current work with traceability company Segura Systems helping them to develop a new Sustainable Supplier Marketplace.

This was an internal staff & student event.

Kate has extensive experience working with fashion retailers, brands and factories; establishing ethical trade and sustainability programmes as well as designing and implementing broader sustainability strategies to include all facets of business operations. She has also developed a viable circular business model, implemented Modern Slavery Act policy and established factory improvement programmes.

Her early experiences in the industry activated her determination to help bring about the systemic change needed to create a just and sustainable fashion industry.

Kate is currently working as project lead on the Segura R&D project as part of The Business of Fashion, Textiles and Technology (BFFT) programme.

Circular_Soiree_Kate_Waekling.jpg Circular Soirèe #5 with Kate Wakeling