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Circular Transitions, Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice

Can academic & industry research create a shared vision for a circular future?

CCD guest edited a special edition of the Journal of Textile Design Research and Practice with articles developed from papers presented at Circular Transitions; the first global conference to bring together academic and industry research concerned with designing fashion textiles for the circular economy.

Hosted by CCD and supported by Mistra Future Fashion, the 2 day conference was held at Chelsea College of Arts and Tate Britain, London, in November 2016, with the aim to create a vision of designing for a circular future where materials are designed, produced, used and disposed of in radical new ways.

The articles in the this special edition of the journal are extended contributions from a selection of the conference papers and reflect some of the most promising directions being explored by the textile design research community from three perpectives: “Materials, Models and Mindsets.” These themes cover the design of new materials for fashion with approaches ranging from emerging technology and social innovation to systems design and leadership.

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A photo of a report called 'Textile Design Research and Practice'