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Design for Transience: Filippa K, Mistra

2015 – 2019
Filippa K Throw Away Dress Throw Away Dress, Filippa K (2019)

An exciting vision that is not far from becomiing an indusry reality, Filippa K has designed a dress that is made from 100% bio-based material and is 100% biodegradable. Inspired by the fleeting elements of the world around us the garment uses nature's life cycles to provide that wearer with an opportunity to update a wardribe on a whim without negatively impacting the environment.

Fast fashion as it exiss today is not a sustainable wat to consume but speeds in nature are not defined as 'good' or 'bad'.

The butterfly that lives only for a few days is just as essential to the ecosystem as the elephant that lives for seventy years, and we would not want to be without the cherry blossoms, even thought they only bloom for a week.

We decided to rethink this concept and find out if it is possible to maintain current consumer behaviour of fast fashion without the negative consequences. Dressing for an occasion can often result in discarding a piece that was only worn once or twice, so we challenged ourselves to disrupt this pattern.

Introducing The Throwaway Dress: the Filippa K way to cherish a garment for a short time. Rather than holding on to the clothing, it is the expeirnce of waring it that lives on through photographs and social media. The transient nature of the dress provides a unique and guilt-free opportunity to create special moments that last.

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