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The Eternal Trench Coat: Filippa K


A rainy day layer, protective overcoat, or even an unconventional dress, the Filippa K 2018 Front Runner styles are inspired by the eternal elegance of the trench coat and its ability to suit any season or occasion. The light material can be packed easily for on-the-go accessibility, and the water­repellency makes it wearable in any weather.

FK_EternalTrenchCoat_Drawings.jpg Drawings of The Eternal Trench Coat

A material that often has negative associations, polyester takes millions of years to create and 200 years to biodegraae. Filippa extended its life in the industry thirough circularity. Using recycled polyester means that the raw material comes from single-use objects like PET bottles. This cuts waste from fabrics and reduces the amount of plastic ending up in landfills and the oceans. It also means that no virgin oil has been used to create the fibre. In the future we hope that polyester can be recycled in a closed loop over and over again, eliminating the need for virgin polyester.

Filippa K partnered with We aRe SpinDye®* to colour The Eternal Trench Coat, resulting in 90% reduced chemical usage, 75% reduced energy consumption and a smaller carbon footprint than a typical dyeing process. It has provided longer lasting colour vibrancy and extraordinary performance against UV light damage, wear and tear, and washing - above what is achieved by traditional dyeing.

The garment is finished with Organotex: an environmentally friendly technology developed by OrganoClick*. It is inspired by the way plants repel water, developed using biomimicry. This provides durable protection against water, snow, and stains from various liquids.

The Filippa K design team cut the pieces in timeless silhouettes to support our aesthetic and the longevity of the garments. To maintain the recyclability we made adjustments from the original design: open cuffs replaced elastic, recycled poly sewing thread replaced bonded seams, and poly buttons replaced a zipper.

For an introduction to the project see here Design for Permanence: Filippa K, Mistra

Eternal Trench Coat The Eternal Trench Coat, Filippa K (2019)