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Everything that went wrong


What insights can we draw from reflecting on the challenges of prototyping circular garments?

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Laetitia presented the paper co-authored with Becky at the PLATE conference in September 2019 in Berlin. The paper offers a critical review of the process of developing the prototypes for the Service Shirt system, a 50-year lifecycle circular garment concept. Adding to the existing publications which argue the value of such a system, this focusses specifically on the prototyping journey, highlighting the shortcomings to draw recommendations from this analysis. The prototyping was reviewed using a combination of annotated portfolio and after-action review. The Service Shirt project was highly successful in demonstrating a model for circular fashion; however, the provocative title argues for the need to acknowledge failure in order to move forward toward a more circular textile and fashion industry. The presentation led to inspiring questions and positive feedback from the audience.