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MISTRA Future Fashion, Phase 2

What if we could design garments for different speeds of use?

This was how CCD researchers began Phase 2 of the Mistra Future Fashion project. The ‘Circular Speeds’ work involved proposing ‘ultra-fast’ and ‘super-slow’ design prototypes for different extremes of use and different circular systems.

Researchers worked closely with material developers and service providers, to design appropriate materials for different speeds of use, production and recovery. They developed the concepts whilst also continuing to share their approaches with fashion designers in industry to enable commercial prototypes to be developed alongside the research garments. The work resulted in several major outcomes: The Circular Transitions conference and Making Circles exhibition in 2016, exhibits in the V&A’s Fashioned from Nature exhibition in 2018, the Disrupting Patterns exhibition with Filippa K also in 2018 and the Circular Design Guidelines published in 2019.

A dress on a coat hanger being help up to light coming in from a window Filippa K biodegradable dress