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Repair-Making in the Museum

Can repair be a craft practice in its own right?

As the V&A Fashioned from Nature Maker in Residence Bridget Harvey is conducting an enquiry into repair as it manifests in the museum, looking at repaired objects, repair techniques and conservation practices. She is doing this through a series of questions which include:

Looking at existing models such as representations of repair – images, paintings, drawing etc; historical repair and remaking practices and instructions; repaired objects in the museum, how these repairs are treated; conservation practices / restoration practices; visible and invisible techniques and materials. How repair is communicated; what we do and don’t see in the museum; who we see and don’t see? Customisation and longevity through repair practices: to develop a contemporary repair language and collate and draw up instructions; collecting materials and techniques used for, and specifically created for repair-making; understand the ethics of conservation / ethics of repair.

Through engagement with the museum collections, staff and visitors, Bridget will share her belief that the Craft of Repair is now a propositional practice, and the contemporary Repair-Maker demonstrates not only a care for the past, but also an attitude firmly rooted in the future.

A black jumper with the words 'Mend more buy less' written on it