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Research Circles


A collection of essays and interviews edited by Rebecca Earley and authored by the Centre for Circular Design’s internal and external researchers, associates and knowledge exchange collaborators.

The release date of ‘Research Circles’ (October 2020) marked CCD’s third year as a UAL research centre, bringing together the multiple dimensions of circular design research and circular economies, materials, models and mindsets. Research Circles is divided into chapters of essays that mirror the structure of the centre; Senior Researchers, Project Researchers, PhD Researchers, CCW Associate Researchers, MA Textile Design Graduates, External Associate Researchers and knowledge Exchange Collaborators. The result is a rich collection of opinions and perspectives from academia, industry, cultural institutions and commerce.


The contributions cover the areas of emerging materials and their circular attributes; the challenges that lie ahead for wool; and the value of prototyping in material science partnerships.


The contributions explore design practice and models concerned with: transparency and supply chains; translation and communication; emergent teaching approaches; and community-building.


In terms of people, habits, behaviours and mindsets, the contributions explore the waste problems of wet wipes; creative and political approaches to mending and repair; curation and leadership practices.

CCD created the book for incoming and current UAL students, recent graduates, emerging and professional designers, tutors and course leaders, and those interested in circular design and academic design research and knowledge exchange.

You can download a copy of the book here: Research Circles

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Research Circles Book - Front Cover

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Research Circles Book - Introduction

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Research Circles Book - Example Page

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Research Circles Book - Example Page

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