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THERE AND BACK AGAIN: Starting from the end

How can we engage the research community at UAL and beyond around the theme of designing for a circular economy?

The second edition of the THERE AND BACK AGAIN event hosted by the Centre for Circular Design brought together the research community, students, and industry to discuss the opportunities and challenges of designing for a circular economy.

The series of talks and workshops provided insights from multi-disciplinary approaches to designing for recovery and regeneration of products and materials. From emerging MA research to reports from the major research projects at the centre, many different perspectives of the challenges and opportunities facing designers in this field were explored. Over the tree days of the event, we also heard; from Lynn Wilson (Glasgow University) on consumer behaviours; from Ali Moore and Hannah Carter on the achievements of the ECAP Love Not Landfill programme; from Dr. Jamie Brassett on material agency and from Gwen Cunningham of Circle Economy on whole systems perspectives. Three workshops covering various aspects of designing for material circularity involved participants more deeply onto the subject. The event ended with keynote talks by Prof Becky Earley and Dr. Kate Goldsworthy and the opening of a pop-up exhibition presenting results and prototypes from the MISTRA Future Fashion and Trash-2-Cash projects.

A woman holding a card saying 'yes' Photo credit: Unai Mateo Lopez