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The Throwaway Dress: Filippa K


100% bio-based and 100% biodegradable, this concept dress is the Filippa K solution to fast fashion. It provides the wearer with an opportunity to update their wardrobe on a whim and dress up for a special occasion - while also reducing the environmental impact of this behaviour.

The Throw Away Dress, Prototype. Filippa K The Throw Away Dress (prototype), Filippa K

Filippa K chose to use a non-woven Tencel fabric from Mogul because of its sustainability benefits and durability, as well as its soft and pilllowy delicate textuee. They worked with Heart & Earth Production to develop and execute the dyeing process, using natural food waste provided by Sorunda Grönsakshall and Axfood. Made at the brands in-house atelier, Filippa K designer Emilia Castles used unconventional traditional techniques to acheive a modern concept. These techniques included the designer using a clothes mangle dating back to the 1600s that she found in her apartment building. After the mangling process, the Tencel took on a silk-like feeling and became easier to fold and construct. It also inspired and enabled Emilia to pleat the fabric, adding structure that allowed the addition of more draped and flowing elements.

Once the ownership phase of the garment is finished, it is designed to be put into a household compost or sent away for industrial composting.

For an introduction to the project see here Design for Transience: Filippa K, Mistra

Natural Dyes, Filippa K.jpg Vegetable Dyes, Filippa K
Throw Away Dress Dye Samples, Filippa K.jpg Dye samples for the Throw Away Dress, Filippa K