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Can textile waste be made into fabric that's soft as a baby?

A beautiful soft draping woven fabric and a cosy powder-blue knitted baby’s cardigan made from pre and post consumer textile waste? Until recently no one would have believed it could be possible, but demonstrating this principle: that textile waste can be used to make high-quality market-ready textiles and other materials was the aim of the EU H2020-funded Trash-2-Cash project.

The 3.5 year research project involved 17 partners from 10 different countries selected to represent the whole material life cycle. An experimental design-driven methodology was used to enable the collaboration along with new facilitation techniques and Life Cycle Thinking approaches designed and delivered by CCD researchers; the circular design concepts informed the materials development in an iterative co-design process to produce six sensational master case product prototypes.

Large coloured posters and low tables with posters and objects Trash 2 Cash, Dutch Design Week (2018)