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Our focus on innovation and new ideas takes our clients beyond existing solutions, and into the circular future.

Below are areas we cover and ways we work.

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Commissioned talks

Rebecca Earley talking at a podium

“The TEN provides designers with a powerful framework for unpacking the complex, and often bewildering context of sustainable design.”

Jonathon Chapman, PUMA Sustainable Design Collection

We give GREAT talks. We work closely with clients to prepare the content in a tailored way for the audience. We are very experienced and know how to address different levels accordingly.

At PUMA the researchers produced a report of 50 new textile innovations and Becky Earley gave a keynote presentation using these and TED’s The TEN at the Sustainable Design Collective event in London:

Facilitated workshops

A women holding a large sheet of paper with another lady sticking on post-it notes

“The insights, support and tools that the team at CCD has given us [have helped] us to go deeper and further on our journey towards sustainability.”

Elin Larrson, Former Sustainability Director, Filippa K, Sweden

We do some of our most impactful work in workshops: we use unique and original design tools to enable the client and their team to think through challenges and opportunities associated with sustainability and circularity.

We have created new methods for working with the lifecycle of products, to enable industry clients to understand the environmental aspects of their products and where all the impacts occur. From this we are able to help clients make improvements where the ‘hot spots’ are – whether this is through the materials, production, use or disposal phase. At Filippa K we created a ‘Design Researchers in Residence’ programme where the team went in to workshop with a core group of staff over an 18-month period; the aim was to support their innovation process as they developed their next ‘Frontrunners’ collection.

Prototyping new materials, products & processes

Images of material samples arranged in a grid

“They know exactly why, how, when and where to use their extensive knowledge and expertise – showcasing an amazing combination of academic knowledge and pragmatic skills on textiles and circularity..."

Van Berlo, Netherlands

When we make new materials for clients we open up a whole new world of possibilities for them. We produce work in both applied industry contexts and highly experimental small-scale craft contexts.

Through the Trash-2-Cash project the CCD research team supported a range of industry partners in developing new fibres and material prototypes; using workshop facilitation and design thinking tools.


A series of coloured banners in front of 4 low tables displaying objects
Trash 2 Cash at Dutch Design Week, 2018

“The CCD team took a diverse range of content and curated a beautiful showcase at Dutch Design Week – working on a tight budget and timeframe, they knew exactly what to do to turn scientific information in to compelling story-telling.”

We have curated some pretty cool international exhibitions in the last few years, which have been in London, UK-wide, New York, North Carolina, Sweden and beyond. We like curating, as it enables us to tell the full story of why the materials research we do matters in the broader context of things.

We have curated shows for:

  • Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC) (UK)
  • Crafts Council (UK)
  • Jerwood Foundation (UK)
  • VF Corporation (USA & Europe)
  • Mistra Future Fashion (Sweden & Denmark)
  • Dutch Design Week, Trash-2-Cash (The Netherlands)

After playing a central role in the research and development of the new circular prototypes for the project, the CCD team curated and design the show at Dutch Design week in October 2018. This is involved taking a series of complex concepts and creating clear and compelling stories and visuals for scientific and design research outcomes.

Public events

An auditorium of people with those at the front pointing

“The CCD researchers put together an amazing programme of keynote speakers from industry and fused these with cutting-edge academic papers to deliver a really special conference for the Mistra Future Fashion programme in London….”

We love bringing people together through bespoke events to share and create new insights. We have access to some amazing networks – both academic and industry. The team are experts at switching between languages and terminology to suit the different audiences, making each event suit the needs of the client and the people they wish to communicate to.

The CCD team devised a full two-day programme for the first circular textile design research conference, and hosted it at Tate Britain and Chelsea College of Arts, in November 2016.

Advisory roles

Rebecca Earley sitting down and  talking to a room of people.

“Becky's work in the design and circular economy field is important and we have been impressed with the input she gives us."

Erik Bang, Innovation Lead, H&M Foundation, Sweden

“Kate’s contribution to the ongoing success of Worn Again has been invaluable. Her original and thought-provoking insights and circular economy expertise have often brought clarity at key moments in our innovation process and overall development plan.”

Cyndi Rhoades, CEO and Founder, Worn Again Technologies Ltd

Our researchers are recognised experts in their fields and so are often invited to join advisory groups, steering committees and boards. Currently members of the team work for the following organisations:

  • European Clothing Action Plan (ECAP)
  • Worn Again (Non-Executive Board)
  • H&M Foundation (Global Change Award)
  • Funkisfabriken – Centre for Sustainability Research (Sweden)

Becky has been an advisor and judge for the Global Change Award since 2015. In 2019 she moderated the press and seminar events in Stockholm, offering the audience new insights in to the innovations emerging from the initiative.


Kate Goldsworthy sitting at a table writing on worksheets

“The team at CCD conducted a brilliant piece of research for us to explore international polyester fibre production since 1950 to ascertain future feedstock availability. A thorough literature search was enhanced through innovative visual communication allowing key information to emerge with ease.”

Cyndi Rhoades, CEO and Founder, Worn Again Technologies Ltd

Sometimes what needs to be done at certain stages of a client’s sustainability journey is to get it written down and reviewed. We are great at desk research tasks that landscape a problem from a certain angle, and providing analysis of this data in response to the questions posed by the client. Reports help us all get on the same page, literally.

Areas We Cover

Landscaping Sustainable & Circular Design

Sustainable Design (The TEN)

Circular Design Guidelines

Circular Materials

Material Journeys: natural and synthetic origins and innovations

Understanding Recycled Polyester

Understanding Recycled Cellulose

Non Woven Materials: future contexts

Lifecycle Design Thinking

Lifecycle Product Mapping

Hot Topics for 2020

Circular Design Speeds (Fast & Slow Design)

How to Build Your Circular Design Team

Looking at circularity through different value lenses

Design Driven Material Innovation: design & science collaboration methods